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Exploring the Impact of Geopolitics on Asian Manufacturing & Global Supply Chains with Case Engelen

Join us on a riveting journey with guest, Case Engelen of TITOMA, as we unravel the profound effects of geopolitics on Asian manufacturing. You’ll get a fresh perspective on how dynamics such as the 25% import tax, China’s disengagement from global business, and the subsequent rise of countries like Mexico, Vietnam, and India, shape the world of manufacturing.

We’ll also delve into the complexities of relocating a worldwide supply chain and the implications of the CHIPS Act and the aspiration to produce printed circuit boards in the Americas. In this fascinating conversation, we venture into the shifts in manufacturing footprints and international trade, powered by agreements including, curiously, the US-Colombia bilateral trade pact. We’ll discuss the concept of ‘Friend-shoring’, a savvy way of selecting manufacturing locations, and the possible green benefits of shortening supply chains. We’ll touch on global manufacturing trends, spotlighting Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore’s roles in this progression. To wrap it up, we’ll underscore the importance of risk mitigation and scenario planning dialogues with customers around new or existing products. 

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Please also take a look at and think about making a donation, Jason and his team are doing amazing work using additive manufacturing to provide hearing aids to people who can’t afford them. 3DP4ME is a US based non-profit, innovative tech startup operating in the Middle East with a focus on humanitarian solutions.

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