Exploring Manufacturing and Reshoring Trends with Unimicron’s Gerard van Dierendonck

This conversation with Gerard van Dierendon from Unimicron, a global PCB manufacturing leader is a deep discussion about the shifting trends in manufacturing industries. Notably, Philip Stoten and his guest touch on the topic of reshoring, which has been fueled by geopolitical concerns and supply chain security, but we find that not all industries share the same sentiments. Sustainability is an issues and Gerard reveals the need to provide CO2 footprints with their boards. He shares how their German facility has embraced these demands, ensuring transparency in their CO2 accounting, which includes logistics and electricity consumption. As we navigate the European skill shortages, we explore how automation is being leveraged to combat this issue.

Listen in as Gerard gives a unique perspective on how Unimicron has maintained a loyal workforce amidst these challenges.

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