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Executive Interview: Andres Turrubiates, Zestron Mexico

ZESTRON has expanded its presence in Mexico substantially in recent years, proving the company’s commitment to serving customers in the entire Americas region. In addition, the company has launched a new product, representing what they are calling a ‘revolution’ in pH neutral PCB board cleaning. We caught up with Andres Turrubiates and his team in Mexico to hear about the opportunities and challenges they are seeing. 


EMSNOW: Please give us a general overview of your business in Mexico.


Andres Turrubiates, Mexico & Latin America Application Engineer, ZESTRON

For almost 20 years, ZESTRON has been providing Technical Service and cleaning agent products for specific customer requirements in industry segments like Telecommunication, Computing, Industrial Electronics, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, and Metal Mechanical. The company in Mexico began with only one person, who was focused on the task of discovering business opportunities for our cleaning agents and technology. Over the next few years the company added other team members who have been reinforcing the business strategy and technical support for multiple regions at all the Mexico territory, expanding also into the Latin America region. Now Zestron has a presence in all the AMERICAS, serving the key customers throughout the electronics manufacturing industry. We offer specialized products and technical support for cleaning requirements and have come to be a key player in this market.

EMSNOW: What are you seeing in the market this year; what are the positive trends?

In spite of this being a unique year, due to the unanticipated conditions related to COVID-19 pandemic, we still are seeing opportunities to continue supporting companies specially in the automotive industry. We consolidated our growth in the multiple industrial parks at the center of Mexico territory such as Queretaro, Guanajuato, Aguascalientes, San Luis Potosi, Zacatecas, also North of Mexico with Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, Sonora, Chihuahua. This is where the main companies are located that supply electronics assemblies, plastic, and metal parts needed for  the new models of cars, that will be produced to cover internal and external demand around the world. We feel this is a very long term good opportunity that can help us to continue the ZESTRON brand in our four main product names: ZESTRON, ATRON, VIGON & HYDRON, giving the final customer excellent products and services to accomplish their requirements.


EMSNOW: What are the challenges in the region this year?

To keep growing as much as we can, moving fast to show to the customers the next generation of cleaning agents. it isn’t easy to launch a new product during challenging times like this, but we believe in keeping our eyes on the future. The new product launched for 2020 is called VIGON NX700. This is a revolutionary product that provides  exceptional MPC – pH neutral technology of very good cleaning on the tendency of the electronics industry that every day has more difficulties to remove the solid residues and dirty particles on critical and limited spaces of the circuit boards & assemblies, due to tendency of the same industry.


EMSNOW: What has been the impact of the change in the government on your business? On the overall industry?

ZESTRON realizes that there are always changes  from the local government in every region around the world. In Mexico, we are now working with more effort dedicated to cover the customer requirements no matter what fluctuations there are in the market regarding currency or lack of availability of our raw material that could impact or reduce the level of production of the cleaning agents we provide. Regardless of this condition, ZESTRON is always looking for a new formulations that can help to mitigate any supply chain issues, maintaining products with the best quality.


EMSNOW: What are the unique opportunities for growth in Mexico?

The challenge for the rest of2020 is to continue growing, detecting new business opportunities at other types of companies that produce parts like injection plastic molding, metal mechanics forming, cold forge, soldering, where require special cleaning agents considered with low risk on the part of handling and that can meet the new environmental regulations for Mexico.


EMSNOW: Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

We been and are part of the new generation of products that support  specialized cleaning in the industry, and would like to still develop partner relationships with customers in the solution of the cleaning challenges. We want to continue finding solutions and products that exceed the customer requirements. Give us a chance to be part of your team!

Roberto f

Roberto Fregoso, Mexico Regional, Sales Manager ZESTRON


Jose Luis Hernandez, North Mexico, Application Engineer ZESTRON

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