EV Experts to Share Technical Insights in Reliability Webinar

As part of its electric vehicle (EV) focused series of webinars, Driving e-Mobility: Rel-ion™ Technical WebinarsIndium Corporation’s EV experts are excited to announce the second webinar in this series.

The second session in the Driving e-MobilityRel-ion™ Technical Webinar series is scheduled for May 11 with two opportunities to participate: the first at 8:30 a.m. Germany/12 p.m. India/2:30 p.m. China, Malaysia and the second at 10 a.m. San Francisco/1 p.m. New York/6 p.m. London/7 p.m. Germany. This webinar, titled Voiding Mechanisms & Solutions For High Density Automotive Electronics, will feature Principal Engineer – Global Accounts Technical Manager Dave Sbiroli.

Since the early days of SMT assembly, one of the most persistent defects with the greatest longevity is voiding in solder joints. Other defects—such as graping, head-in-pillow, and non-wet opens—have known solutions, but voiding remains largely unsolved and with each technology inflection seems to make a strong comeback. The increased use of bottom-terminated components (BTC), high-density electronics, and high-reliability alloys needed for today’s automotive applications has resulted in a renewed focus on voiding reduction. Voiding in solder bumped components (e.g., BGAs and CSPs) and BTCs (including QFNs and DPAK) each have their own unique cause and mitigation techniques. To consistently maintain an acceptable level of voiding per industry standards and self-imposed levels due to stringent in-use requirements, a detailed understanding of the unique causes of voiding and process mitigation techniques is needed. This session will review the cause-and-effect relationship between voiding and the soldering materials used in today’s electronics assemblies. Sbiroli will also review material and process solutions to maintain acceptable levels of voiding in various forms of SMT assembly.


The Driving e-Mobility: Rel-ion™ Technical Webinars series features global industry technical experts in advanced materials and the automotive market with all sessions moderated by Brian O’Leary, Indium Corporation’s global head of e-Mobility and infrastructure. This series of webinars is intended specifically for those involved in the field of e-Mobility, whether new to the industry or with several years of experience as the EV industry undergoes rapid growth and evolution.

Registration for this webinar—as well as the rest in this series—is open and can be completed at indium.com/corporate/media-center/webinars/rel-ion.php. If you are interested in a session specifically tailored to your company’s needs, please contact O’Leary at boleary@indium.com.

Sbiroli has more than 25 years of hands-on experience in the selection and applications of printed circuit board assembly materials and SMT process optimization, defect reduction, and troubleshooting on hundreds of Indium Corporation customers’ SMT and electronic assembly production lines. He achieved one of the highest scores on the SMTA Process Engineer certification exam and is certified as an IPC Specialist for IPC-A-600 and IPC-A-610D. Sbiroli actively participates in the development of industry standards with the IPC and received the IPC’s Distinguished Committee Service award for his work on the J-STD-004B (Requirements for Soldering Fluxes) standards.


O’Leary is responsible for promoting Indium Corporation’s full range of products and services for e-Mobility, which includes electric cars, trucks, and charging stations. He has more than 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, and channel management in the electronics industry.


Upcoming sessions in the Driving e-MobilityRel-ion™ Technical Webinar series are:

  • June 28: Building More Reliable Assemblies for Higher Mission Profiles presented by Technical Manager for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East Karthik Vijay
  • Sept. 21: Design Considerations for Board Layout & Material Selection co-presented by Associate Director for Global Technical Service & Application Engineering Jonas Sjoberg and Applications Engineer – Design for Excellence Specialist Ângelo Marques
  • Oct. 12: Best Practices for SMT Assembly & Root Cause Analysis presented by Sbiroli


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