Essential training for technical leadership in highly demanding development environments

High Tech Institute is starting an intensive System Architecting Masters (Sysam) training program for system architects and system engineers. Ger Schoeber and Jaco Friedrich offer aspiring professionals a robust program of training and coaching on their own projects for nine months.

The program consists of three intensive blocks of training of four days each with several months in between for assignments on the job, coaching and peer review. Half of the training itself consists of essential system engineering and system architecting topics. The other half consists of intensive exercises with practical situations, such as convincing stakeholders and being able to turn resistance into buy-in.

There are several months between the four-day training blocks, during which Schoeber and Friedrich coach the participants. Intermediate sessions are also planned where the participants exchange experiences with each other.

To ensure quality, the number of participants in Sysam is limited to a maximum of twelve. This also ensures that participants can effectively exchange experience about their projects.

If you want to enhance your leadership skills and push projects a big step forward, check out the program.


Ger Schoeber (left) & Jaco Friedrich (right) both involved as trainers and coaches.

The main thread within the System Architecting Masters program.



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