Enhancing healthcare: NexOptic signs MOU with medical imaging product developer

Vancouver, British Columbia/Seoul, South Korea — Internal body imaging requires miniscule cameras for obvious reasons. But tiny sensors tend to result in blurry images.

Not so with NexOptic’s ALIIS™ image enhancement technology. Today, NexOptic announced it has signed a memorandum of understanding with a company that develops medical imaging capsules.

“Each swallowed capsule records images and videos as it moves through a person’s system, and eventually our technology processes and enhances the imaging,” explains Paul McKenzie, CEO of NexOptic. “The result is 4K, high resolution pictures, processed pixel by pixel.”

The two organizations have been running enhancement evaluations for months. The MOU demonstrates both companies’ seriousness to conclude their feasibility analysis & integration.

“In our ongoing efforts to always put patients and medical experts first, I am very encouraged by the measurable improvements to image quality that NexOptic has been able to demonstrate to us,” said Yong-Seok Cho, CEO of IntroMedic, the capsule’s maker.

“The healthcare industry is realizing the potential of cutting-edge enhancement AI to improve medical imaging. It reduces risks for misdiagnoses associated with blurry images, and decreases the need to redo the imaging process,” says McKenzie. “As healthcare professionals strive for better patient care, they can turn to IntroMedic and other companies offering advanced devices to help meet those goals.”

NexOptic’s suite of imaging solutions will include NexCompress™, an edge-enabled algorithm that uniquely compresses data by removing ‘noise’ from photos and videos. That means medical imaging stored in the ‘cloud’ will already be optimized to save storage space – reducing bandwidth, which cuts a company’s energy use.

“But we’re developing solutions for industries beyond medical imaging. Devices with optics – like smartphones, doorbell cameras, autonomous vehicles, surveillance drones – or the video streaming industry, these all require heavy use of bandwidth and cloud storage,” explains McKenzie.

“NexCompress™ can remove the ‘noise’ that takes up critical internet bandwidth, freeing up computing power for the data we actually want to save,” he adds.

NexOptic is a publicly traded company (TSX VENTURE: NXO).

About NexOptic Technology Corp:

NexOptic is an innovative imaging AI company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada with operations in Seoul, South Korea, offering world-leading patented and patent pending AI solutions for energy savings, data compression and image/video enhancement known as ALIIS™ (All Light Intelligent Imaging Solutions). Aliis is engineered for today and for the metaverse and simultaneously influences the imaging and AI industries. NexOptic is a member of the Qualcomm® Platform Solutions Ecosystem, a member of Qualcomm’s Advantage Network, a Preferred Partner in the NVIDIA Partner Network, and a member of the Arm® AI Partner Program.

For more information, visit www.nexoptic.com

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