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Enginuity.org Provides Access to Advice and Solutions to Help Employers Close Skills Gaps

UK engineering and manufacturing sector charity, Enginuity, has launched a new website to provide employers with greater access to advice and tools to help close skills gaps. Enginuity.org now features three new skills solutions for UK engineering and manufacturing employers – Role Explorer, Skills Comparator and Enspire City.


Role Explorer

Role Explorer provides breakdowns of the activities, knowledge and skills required for virtually any job role across the engineering and manufacturing sectors.

This free searchable database allows engineering and manufacturing SMEs and Human Resources teams within large employers to download these activity, knowledge and skills breakdowns; helping them to better manage appraisals and recruitment.

Once they have searched for a role, users are also able to discover similar roles with matching skills and those in high demand based on current job ad trends.

Skills Comparator

Skills Comparator matches engineering and manufacturing skills across job roles for smarter recruitment, upskilling and reskilling.

Employers can choose the engineering skills they seek from a menu. Once selected Skills Comparator then finds roles from across the UK’s engineering and manufacturing sectors with skills that match their needs. This can help SMEs and Human Resources teams within large employers identify a wider range of recruitment options and help them to consider roles that they may not have considered a close match before.

Businesses can also select existing employee skills to see roles they could move into with the help of upskilling or reskilling.​

For companies looking to help people transition into other employment this function allows them to discover roles with matching skills that are in high demand right now.

Enspire City

Enspire City was designed for engineering and manufacturing employers looking for interactive resources and games to make their STEM outreach more engaging.

Young people can explore a virtual city split into zones themed around cars, space, vertical farming, and planes; interacting with characters to learn about engineering careers, accessing videos from real-life engineers, and testing their problem-solving skills in engineering-themed games.

For employers engaging in STEM outreach, Enspire City is free and simple to use. It contains accurate information created by industry experts and is supported by facilitator resources.

It also builds on Enginuity’s award-winning Skills Miner, which engages young people with engineering skills through gameplay and exploration.

Ann Watson, Chief Executive of Enginuity, comments: “Existing data on occupations and skills can help engineering and manufacturing employers adapt faster to change if it’s organised in a way that is useful. Data that is easy to access, search, and compare means the sector can be smarter in sourcing skills, planning ahead, and shaping technical education that is fit for purpose.

“The launch of Enginuity’s new website is key to making sector data more accessible for all employers, whether that’s through advice or skills solutions like Role Explorer, Skills Comparator and Enspire City. It demonstrates Enginuity’s commitment to find new ways to close skills gaps in UK engineering and manufacturing; by combining a unique approach to sector data with a deep understanding of the skills needs of UK engineering and manufacturing businesses.”


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