Engineered Material Systems to Showcase Jet Dispense SMT at IPC APEX EXPO

DELAWARE, OH ― Jan 2018 ― Engineered Material Systems, Inc. (EMS), a global supplier of conductive inks and interconnect materials for printed electronics, will exhibit its jet dispensable SMT adhesives at the 2018 IPC APEX EXPO, scheduled to take place Feb. 27 – March 1, 2018 at the San Diego Convention Center in Ca.

EMS and Essemtec have collaboratively developed a fast and accurate means to attach smaller die package to printed electronics. Essemtec’s PUMA jet dispenser can accurately place adhesive dots on fine-line silver ink lands. The jetting process eliminates the need for Z-axis accuracy required for needle dispense, enabling rapid SMT attach on non-planar or 3D surfaces using high-speed laser mapping in real-time per sheet.

EMS’ SMT adhesives have been optimized for accurate jet dispense and compatibility with EMS PTF inks to deliver robust circuits that withstand ASTM F3147-15 multiple mandrel flex cycles.

Essemtec’s PUMA features the ability to jet dispense multiple materials (e.g. silver epoxy, staking compound, encapsulant) and pick-and-place numerous components on one platform.

The EMS and Essemtec solution is a game changer for printed PTF electronics.

For more information about EMS’ durable electronics solutions or to learn how the company can define, develop and create an engineered material solution that is right for your company, meet with company representatives in Booth #721 at the IPC APEX EXPO or visit


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