EMSNOW On Tour and MADE IN Europe

EMSNOW On Tour and MADE IN Europe

In this mash up of “EMSNOW on Tour” and “MADE IN EUROPE” Philip Stoten asked Dieter Weiss and Eric Miscoll to succinctly share their insights from their three-week tour of the European EMS industry, as featured in their own popular podcast series.

While succinctly was a challenge for these two industry veterans, they were indeed insightful and topics like regional manufacturing, consolidation and of course shortages, of materials and talent, came up repeatedly.

It seemed like both Eric and Dieter enjoyed their time together but were ready to say farewell, even if just for a while.  Philip also shares his own point of view, boldly predicting that there will be at least three EMS in Europe with sales over $1B by the end of 2022, let’s see if he’s right…

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