EMSNOW Executive Interview: Rodrigo Gutierrez Hermosillo Blanco, Managing Director, DEPRAG Mexico

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CopyNo matter if the need is for a complex assembly station, an automation concept based on our DCAM (modular and flexible platform), a micro-assembly system or individual components, DEPRAG will develop an economic and technically optimized solution for its customers’ requirement. Headquartered in Germany, DEPRAG México S. de R.L. de C.V. was founded in November 2018  offering high quality screwdriving technology equipment and excellent service to the entire Mexican Republic. 

The metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara was chosen as the headquarters because of its strong tradition in the research and development of specialized technology, both in small, medium and large companies.. The Mexican Silicon Valley, as this region is known, has large corporations working for more than 20 years, in addition, there are more than 600 small and medium-sized companies. We caught up with DEPRAG’s managing director, Rodrigo Gutierrez Hermosillo Blanco to learn more.

EMSNOW: Tell us about yourself and your company. What is your role at DEPRAG and what is your background?

I studied Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering at the Universidad de Guadalajara and I have a master degree in business administration. I developed different positions throughout my professional career but the most relevant were Sales Engineer, Sales Manager and my current position in DEPRAG MEXICO as Managing Director.

DEPRAG is a German company specialized in Screwdriving technology from a simple pneumatic hand tool to a complete automatic line. We also have other products like pneumatic tools, turbine generators, air motors… We have a global presence with 9 subsidiaries worldwide. I’m currently the Managing Director of DEPRAG MEXICO.

EMSNOW: Who are DEPRAG’s customers in Mexico?

Our main customers are part of the automotive industry but also, we have customers in Healthcare, Industrial, Contract Manufacturers… all these industries are high level companies who requires high quality in all their products, and that is why we are a successful supplier.

EMSNOW: How has your company fared during these last disruptive years? How has DEPRAG coped with both the pandemic and the supply chain issues?

IMG CopyThe answer is vertical integration and automation. Basically we manufacture the main components of our products but we have suppliers who had delays caused by the pandemic and the supply chain issues. In those cases, we work hand in hand with our suppliers and our customers in order to avoid the delays or reduce the impact of them. We are not exempt from the supply chain issues and we are confident that the only solution for that is to work together with both the customer and supplier and be clear, transparent about each situation.

EMSNOW: Have electronics manufacturing companies in Mexico accelerated their automation plans as a result of the disruptions?

In my opinion all the companies saw the importance of the automation and the high qualified jobs. All our customers are trying to automate certain processes in order to be efficient and effectives in their production

EMSNOW: What trends do you see in electronics manufacturing for the next 5 years or so?

Automation is one of the principal trends but also higher quality requirements and increasing use of data analysis. Industry 4.0 is giving us a big opportunity to connect everything and have automation, quality and data analysis all aligned,  so I believe these will be the principal trends in the near future. In Mexico we are preparing for high level assemblies and these developments.

EMSNOW: What new end markets will have the best chances for growth in the next few quarters?

Industry 4.0 and data analysis are the principal topics for the discussion about new markets but in general the automotive industry and healthcare I consider the markets that will grow faster.

EMSNOW: What is DEPRAG doing to attract skilled workers? Do you have outreach programs at the universities?

IMGWe are offering stability, good salaries and a nice work environment but also, we are starting a new program to develop students according to their knowledge and interests. The idea is teach them the basics of our company and get the best results from each employee.

EMSNOW What else do you want to tell EMSNOW readers about your business in Mexico?

Actually the screwdriving technology is growing and requiring more data communication and quality and DEPRAG is the only company with solutions for the complete range of screwdriving technology from manual solutions to automatic solutions with global and local support and with more than 90 years of experience in the market.

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