EMSNOW Executive Interview: AIM Solder’s Oscar Lopez


aim montreal web imageAIM is a leading global manufacturer of solder assembly materials for the electronics industry with manufacturing, distribution, and support facilities located throughout North and South America, EMEA, and Asia. As a truly global supplier, AIM recognized the need to provide dedicated local support while keeping a global perspective.  They have solidified their global presence by expanding into more than a dozen support and manufacturing facilities throughout the world, including Mexico. We caught up with AIM’s National Sales Manager in Mexico, Oscar Lopez to find out more about AIM Mexico.



EMSNOW: Please give us a general overview of your business in Mexico.

jpegMr. Lopez: In 1998 AIM became the first manufacturer of electronic-grade solder paste, wire, bar, and liquid flux in Mexico. Since opening its doors, AIM has expanded to five times its original size and has added several new manufacturing lines and state-of-the-art research and development and applications laboratories. AIM has grown into one of the largest and most prestigious solder manufacturers in Mexico with the support of our customers.  We will continue to provide them with the world-class products, technical applications support, and customer service they have come to expect.

EMSNOW: What are you seeing in the market this year; what are the positive trends?

Mr. Lopez:Growth and optimism. While certain sectors may be contracting, the electronics industry as a whole continues to remain very healthy due to increased demands for electronics in everything from automobiles to lighting to white goods to high tech devices like satellites and rockets. More capable electronics in smaller spaces are compelling innovation in every area of PCB assembly.  In order to support these evolving technologies, assembly material manufacturers like AIM continue to innovate to achieve the functional and reliability demands placed on these new devices.


EMSNOW: What are the challenges in the region this year? 

Mr. Lopez:The same as everywhere – continue to embrace and implement new technologies to allow products to be built with ever-increasing functionality. This requires investments in new equipment, a willingness to implement novel new materials, and the support of industry experts. At AIM we are proud to have developed training programs to help our customers implement new, challenging processes in a highly efficient manner.


EMSNOW: What has been the impact of the change in the government on your business? On the overall industry?

Mr. Lopez:None. As a Canadian headquartered corporation with factories and support offices in every major market in the world, AIM is immune to issues such as trade wars and tariffs. The industry is always changing, and key manufacturing areas may shift from one location to another, and we remain ready for it.


EMSNOW: What are the unique opportunities for growth in Mexico?

Mr. Lopez:Mexico is poised for continued growth due to its competitive costs, technological expertise, and solid infrastructure. Key areas for growth are the automotive industry, 5G, and energy efficient lighting applications. In order to support these evolving technologies, assembly material manufacturers such as AIM must continually develop products and processes suitable for the challenges of today and the future.


EMSNOW: Anything else you’d like to share with our readers.

Mr. Lopez:AIM’s most important market in the world is Mexico. We have dedicated more resources to Mexico than any other solder manufacturer and we will continue to do so. We believe that our expertise and value-add philosophy to customer service and technical support is what makes AIM an industry leader.  A large firm with global reach, AIM will continue to set itself apart by operating as the hands-on, family-run business that it is by offering exceptional personalized local support.

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