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EMSNOW and in4ma On Tour 2024 – Episode 9 – TQ Systems

EMSNOW and in4ma On Tour 2024 – Episode 9 – TQ Systems

The tour spends another day in Germany with a visit to TQ Systems, the 3rd largest EMS in Germany. The discussion begins with Dieter’s explanation of this family owned company’s history and global strategy; the facility they visited was acquired in 2012. They discuss what they saw on their visit: a focus on both automation and workforce training.  Eric and Dieter share their thoughts about the importance of turning down unprofitable business and seeking out long term partners. It’s an insightful discussion about critical industry practices, especially as the overall economy gets tighter.

EMSNOW thanks sponsors of this research:

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Their support allows us to conduct these tours and provide these important insights to the industry.  Please check them out.

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