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EMS@C-Level: Carl Hung, CEO, Season Group

In the first of a series of interviews with C-Suite Executives from the EMS Industry, host, writer and journalist, Philip Stoten is joined from Hong Kong by Season Group, President & CEO, Carl Hung.

They discuss what it’s like being a CEO during the Covid-19 pandemic, the responsibilities CEOs have for keeping employees safe, and what’s it been like for Season Group the last couple of months.

Catch Carl Hung along with Eliott Shev, General Manager of Sumitronics, in Mexico, on the Eric Miscoll Show on May 6/7 by signing up at this webinar link.

They will weigh in on the Covid-19 response from their respective geographies, as well as the macro trends emerging from the crisis, including a pivot from ‘just-in-time’ supply chain management, to more of a focus on ‘just in case’ resiliency. They discuss when and how things will get back to the new normal, and what that will look like for their companies.