EMS & The Economist – Episode 3, April 2023 with Marco Annunziata

In this new monthly series, Philip Stoten is joined alternately by economists, Shawn Dubravac and Marco Annunziata to explore the latest economic trends and their impact on the EMS Industry. In this episode Philip and Marco explore the fallout from banking issues like the failure of Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse as well as ongoing concerns around inflation and a potential recession. They explore what is really happening and what is likely to happen with interest rates as well as the impact of layoffs in the tech sector which seem to conflict with talent shortages in manufacturing. Philip asks Marco about his newest podcast ‘Ecosystemic Futures’ and if an ecosystem like the electronics manufacturing supply chain can quickly adapt to disruption and political pressure. The two wrap up exploring the short term future of globalization as it impact the EMS industry; the conversation is well worth your time.

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