Do EMS Customers Want to be Within 200-Mile Radius?

The Innovation Triangle – within a Two-Hundred Mile Radius of SMS – Smart Made Simple.

SMS – Smart Made Simple, UK Electronics manufacturing (EMS) service provider recently made a bold statement, to support their geographical positioning within the UK and their strategic sales approach.

Based on customer feedback, Mr. Graham Shaw, Chief Operating Officer stated the following facts; “Developmental customers prefer to be within a two-hour drive of their manufacturing partner and on the whole, our Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) customers’ selected SMS as we are within a 200-mile radius of their operations and resources.”

Mr. Robert Colclough, UK Business Development Manager, SMS recently qualified Graham’s statement by adding; “At SMS, we have the advantage that we can physically touch the main clusters of innovation within the technological UK landscape.  We refer to SMS as being at the intersection of the innovation triangle. By this we mean, if you were to draw a 200-mile triangle around SMS, we would sit at the centre of creativity, putting us in the prime position at the core of UK design, development, electronics manufacturing and supply chain.”

Based in Nottingham, UK, we are within a 200-mile radius of a vibrant and youthful enterprise:

  • The leading engineering universities where many of the technology patents of tomorrow, are being developed today or the supply chain management and business courses are held in high regards, globally.  For example; Nottingham, Loughborough, Newcastle, Leicester, Liverpool not to forget both Oxford and Cambridge
  • The key industry associations, which enable us to drive our knowledge network.  For example; Nottingham Innovation Park, Tech North, The Smart Group etc.
  • The main UK innovation hot spots.  For example; Cambridge, London, Manchester, Nottingham, and Birmingham, that have a pioneering spirit within their DNA

So, if you are a UK based OEM, who are asking themselves the following questions:

  1. Why am I spending so much time travelling to my contract manufacturer?
  2. Why do I have out of working hours conference calls?
  3. Why are our instructions being misunderstood?
  4. Why can my EMS provider not respond as quickly as we need them to?
  5. Why can it not be simpler?

Well, it can.  With SMS – Smart Made Simple, your indigenous electronics manufacturing service provider who does business locally for a global market.  Including Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA), Design, Prototyping, New Product Introduction (NPI), Electronics Manufacturing, Test, Distribution and After-Market Services.