EMS Companies in India

EMS Companies in India

India is clearly emerging as an important geography for the EMS industry, and to that end, EMSNOW has done a preliminary search of EMS companies doing business in India.

Below is a list of the companies we have found so far. Please contact us with information about these and other EMS companies doing business in India. Contact Eric Miscoll or Jennifer Read through LinkedIn with updates.


Name Website
Aggressive EMS http://www.aggressiveems.com/
Aimtron Electronics – India https://www.aimtron.in/
Amara Raja Electronics Ltd

Amber Enterprises



Argus Technologies https://www.tekargus.com/
Auckam Technologies https://auckam.com/
Avalon Technology And Services Pvt Ltd https://www.avalontec.com/
Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) https://bel-india.in/
Centum Electronics Ltd https://www.centumelectronics.com/
Cubix Control Systems Pvt. Ltd

Cyient DLM



Deki Electronics Ltd https://www.dekielectronics.com/
DGtronics http://dgtronics.in/
Digital Circuit http://www.digitalcircuits.in/
Dixon Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd https://www.dixoninfo.com/
East India Technologies https://eitplems.com/
Efftronics Systems Pvt https://www.efftronics.com/
Elin Electronics Ltd www.elinindia.com
Enthu Technology Solutions India Pvt Ltd https://www.enthutech.in/
Flex www.flex.com
FMS Focustek https://www.focustek.co.in/
Foxconn www.foxconn.com
Genus Electrotech Ltd https://genuselectrotech.co.in/
Incap Contract Manufacturing Services Pvt. Ltd https://incapcorp.com/incap-india/
Infopower Technologies Pvt. Ltd. http://www.iptl.in/
inYantra Technologies Pune https://inyantra.com/
Jabil Circuit India Pvt Ltd www.jabil.com
Jiyanjani Technologies Pvt. Ltd. http://jiyanjani.in/
Jtronix Technologies https://www.jtronixtechnologies.com/
Kaynes Technology India Pvt Ltd https://www.kaynestechnology.co.in/
KHY ELECTRONIC INDIA PVT LTD https://www.khytec.com/
Laxmi Remote (India) Private Limited https://www.lripl.com/
Liwet Technologies





Microplacer https://microplacer.com/
Microtechnika http://www.microtechnika.com/
Miracle Electronic Devices Pvt. Ltd https://www.miracle.net.in/
MS ELECTROVISION PRIVATE LIMITED http://www.mselectrovision.com/
Nitiraj Engineers Ltd https://www.nitiraj.net/
PCB Power https://www.pcbpower.com/
Pegatron www.pegatroncorp.com
Peninsula Electronics http://www.peninsulaelectronics.com/
PG Electroplast Ltd https://www.pgel.in/
Podrain Electronics https://podrain.com/
Rangsons Electronics Pvt Ltd www.rangsons.com
Reliant EDS https://reliant-eds.com/
Resolute Electronics https://www.resoluteelectronics.com/
RioSH Technologies Pvt Ltd https://www.rioshtech.com/
S.B.TECHNOLOGIES https://www.sbtechindia.com/
Sahasra Electronic Solutions http://sahasraelectronicsolutions.com/
Sahasra Electronics Pvt. Ltd https://www.sahasraelectronics.com/
Sanmina-SCI Technology India Pvt. Ltd https://www.sanmina.com/
SERVOMAX LIMITED https://www.servomax.in/
SFO Technologies Pvt Ltd https://sfotechnologies.net/
SGS Tekniks Manufacturing Private Limited https://www.sgst.com/
SMILE Electronics http://www.smileelectronics.com/
SRITECH https://sritechsmt.weebly.com/
Syrma SGS Technology Limited https://syrmasgs.com/
TecHeal India http://www.techealindia.in/
TechiesDesigns Electronics Pvt. Ltd. https://techiesdesigns.com/
Teksun Inc https://teksun.com/
TESCOM https://tescom.co.in/
Vemco (VITAL Electronics and Manufacturing Co) https://vitalelectronics.co.in/
VVDN Technologies https://www.vvdntech.com/
Wistron Infocomm https://www.wistron.com/CMS/Index
Indium EMSNow Durafuse x

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