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EMS Companies in India

EMS Companies in India

The ability to make semiconductors at home has become a matter of national security all around the globe, including in India. Recent announcements from India Briefing include:

  • On December 15, 2021, the Indian government cleared a INR 760 billion (>US$10 billion) package to boost semiconductor and display manufacturing. The program aims to provide attractive incentive support to companies / consortia that are engaged in Silicon semiconductor fabs, display fabs, compound semiconductors / silicon photonics / sensors (including MEMS) fabs, semiconductor packaging (ATMP / OSAT), semiconductor design. Incentives worth INR 2.3 trillion (approx. US$30.16 billion)will be available to position India as global hub for electronics manufacturing.
  • The US deputy assistant secretary, South and Central Asia, Afreen Akhter, is leading a trade mission of semiconductors industry to India and has had meetings with India’s top government officials. The US intends to support India overcome challenges in the semiconductor supply chain and boost its local semiconductor manufacturing capacity. The US publicly seeking to strengthen its partnerships with “like-minded countries” like India and Taiwan. In a related context, in October, the US Department of Commerce implemented new export controls on advanced computing and semiconductors sold to China.
  • At a Gujarat rally on November 23, 2022 PM Modi made a first formal announcement of the location of Vedanta and Foxconn’s proposed semiconductor manufacturing facility in Gujarat at Dholera, in the Bhavnagar neighborhood.
  • ISMC’s proposed US$3 billion semiconductor fab may begin construction in Karnataka by February 2023, as per media reports. It will be 4-5 years till ISMC’s plant becomes operational.

The government in India is committed to building the entire electronics ecosystem in India. The Union minister of state for entrepreneurship, skill development, electronics and technology Rajeev Chandrasekhar, while addressing a session on ‘India’s role in Electronics & Semiconductor Manufacturing – driving towards $5Tn opportunity’ during the Bengaluru Tech Summit (BTS 22), said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set a target to increase production in the electronics sector to $300 billion by 2025-26, a “26 times” increase in a period of 10 years. (SOURCE) 

India is clearly emerging as an important geography for the EMS industry as well, and to that end, EMSNOW has done a preliminary search of EMS companies doing business in India. But our work is just beginning and we intend to amplify and expand this list with more details in the coming months.

Below is a list of the companies we have found so far. Please contact us with information about these and other EMS companies doing business in India. Contact Eric Miscoll or Jennifer Read through LinkedIn with updates.


Name Website
Aggressive EMS
Aimtron Electronics – India
Amara Raja Electronics Ltd
Argus Technologies
Auckam Technologies
Avalon Technology And Services Pvt Ltd
Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL)
Centum Electronics Ltd
Cubix Control Systems Pvt. Ltd
Deki Electronics Ltd
Digital Circuit
Dixon Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd
East India Technologies
Efftronics Systems Pvt
Elin Electronics Ltd
Enthu Technology Solutions India Pvt Ltd
FMS Focustek
Genus Electrotech Ltd
Incap Contract Manufacturing Services Pvt. Ltd
Infopower Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
inYantra Technologies Pune
Jabil Circuit India Pvt Ltd
Jiyanjani Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Jtronix Technologies
Kaynes Technology India Pvt Ltd
Laxmi Remote (India) Private Limited
Liwet Technologies
Miracle Electronic Devices Pvt. Ltd
Nitiraj Engineers Ltd
PCB Power
Peninsula Electronics
PG Electroplast Ltd
Podrain Electronics
Rangsons Electronics Pvt Ltd
Reliant EDS
Resolute Electronics
RioSH Technologies Pvt Ltd
Sahasra Electronic Solutions
Sahasra Electronics Pvt. Ltd
Sanmina-SCI Technology India Pvt. Ltd
SFO Technologies Pvt Ltd
SGS Tekniks Manufacturing Private Limited
SMILE Electronics
Syrma SGS Technology Limited
TecHeal India
TechiesDesigns Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
Teksun Inc
Vemco (VITAL Electronics and Manufacturing Co)
VVDN Technologies
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