Emil Otto further expands its product portfolio of alcohol and water-based fluxing agents

The German flux manufacturer Emil Otto GmbH expands its product range of alcohol and water-based fluxes. Two further fluxing agents are available to customers with immediate effect and ensure for a further diversification of the product portfolio.

“We have used the last few months to further expand our range of products for our customers”, declared Markus Geßner, Marketing- and Sales Manager of Emil Otto GmbH. The range of alcohol and water-based fluxes is expanded with the new products EO-Y-005 and -006. “These fluxes are hybrid fluxes with an alcohol content. Due to the water-based formula the soldering results are very good, and the circuit board is very clean following application of the fluxing agent. Both the EO-Y-005 as well as the EO-Y-006 are suitable for use on Organic Solderability Preservative (OSP) circuit boards”, explained Geßner. The new fluxes were developed for using during wave- and selective soldering. In addition however, they can also be used both for manual- and repair soldering as well as dip soldering. The soldering properties are very good, in particular during step-through and the wetting of the circuit board.

The EO-Y-005 is also available in the variants A, B and C. The individual variants enable the customer to select a fluxing agent, which in each case is coordinated to his area of application. The A variant has a low solid content of 2% and was developed especially for full tunnel nitrogen applications. Due to its wide process window and high temperature stability, the flux guarantees very good soldering results under full nitrogen. The standard version, the all-round version of the EO-Y-005, is the B variant, which has a solid content of 3%. This variant of the EO-Y-005 is also available as dosing pen or dosing bottle. The third version is the C variant. This flux variant has a solid content of 4% and was developed especially for the power electronics, for which large component bodies must be soldered at a low assembly density. The entire EO-Y-005 series has a very low alcohol content of merely 7 %.

The EO-Y-006 has a solid content of 4% as well as an alcohol content of 60%. Both the EO-Y006 as well as the EO-Y-005 series are available from Emil Otto with immediate effect.