Emil Otto brings new hybrid flux EO-Y-004 to market

German flux manufacturer Emil Otto GmbH continues to expand its product portfolio and brings an additional flux to market with the new alcohol-water-based flux EO-Y-004, which is also obtainable as a granulate-based concentrate.

The hybrid EO-Y-004 flux was developed for use in wave and selective soldering. It exhibits a solids content of 3.5% to 3.7%. Its having been developed for use in wave and selective soldering and endows it with a very broad range of applications. The soldering properties are very good, particularly with rise-through and circuit-board wetting. The process window is very broad with great thermal stability. Practice has shown that with proper application, the washing of circuit boards soldered with this flux can be largely dispensed with. The circuit boards are visually clean.

In contrast to water-based fluxes, its low alcohol content renders it frost resistant enabling it to be transported and stored quite well in winter. The flux is moreover obtainable as a concentrate. “Our new flux concentrates are particularly interesting for customers who take delivery of large quantities or produce abroad”, explains Markus Geßner, Marketing and Sales manager at Emil Otto GmbH. This is because all of the granulates from Emil Otto can be transported with severely reduced volume and without hazardous-substance identification.” A flux becomes a hazardous substance when it contains a certain amount of alcohol, among other things. Our customers mix in the alcohol or alcohol-water mixture on site”, Geßner continues. Furthermore, the concentrates can be packaged more simply and compactly.

Transport optimization enables the flux concentrates to be very economically transported over great distances, since shippers impose far lower costs for non-hazardous goods. “Mixing fluxes on site is very simple. The necessary information concerning which liquid must be added to the concentrate in what dosage is attached to each concentrate. The amount of EO-Y-004 granulate suffices for 10 L”, continues Geßner.