Electrolube Install New Selective Coating System at UK Laboratories

Global electro-chemicals manufacturer, Electrolube, has successfully installed the new PVA Delta-8 selective conformal coating system at their UK laboratories in Leicestershire. The installation will be commissioned by PVA this week and will be followed by training. The new PVA Delta-8 coating/dispensing system is equipped with the 2K two-part conformal coating spray valve, VPX-2KS, a selective spray valve for Electrolube’s 1K materials, ES-300, and an FCS-100 needle valve for detailed work.  The Delta-8 system enabled visitors at last year’s Productronica to experience the ease of dispensing Electrolube’s groundbreaking 2K two-part conformal coating system, which combines the protection and properties of a resin with the practical application of a coating. The system also demonstrated how straightforward the new 2K coatings are to adopt in-line with a simple two-part feed modification.

The Delta-8 coating system has an oversize frame that provides a larger work area and allows for future expansion or re-configuration if required. It is also equipped with a programming camera for enhanced accuracy and ease of programming.  As the most recent platform from PVA, the Delta-8 has been developed largely in conjunction with automotive partners to meet their requirements, which is particularly relevant for Electrolube who is leading the way in providing automotive conformal coating solutions.

Ron Jakeman, Electrolube’s Managing Director, comments, “The new Delta-8 system really adds to our capability, helping us to develop even higher performing conformal coating products that work seamlessly with the equipment used by our customers, as well as helping to troubleshoot any customer issues.  The Delta-8 is a complementary additional coating system to our new Nordson Asymtek SL-940, demonstrating our full collaborative allegiance with major players in the selective coating industry. As a brand, Electrolube believes in working closely with suppliers of equipment used by customers. This ensures that the materials developed by Electrolube work perfectly in the user’s application process. For example, working collaboratively with PVA over the last 2 years has led to the development of the VPX-2KS spray valve, especially designed for the selective application of solvent-free, 2K coating materials. The addition of the new PVA system to our laboratories really does set Electrolube apart from competitors and is testament to our investment in developing innovative new coating products for the industry.”

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