EIPC Winter Conference Registration – Milan

Given that the PCB industry nowadays is what might be called a “close-knit community”, in which everyone knows everyone else, and hears all the local news and gossip, it is always good to know that EIPC have organised another family “get-together” and with great skill and perfect timing have arranged for this to take place in that romantic retail resort, the city of Milan, and on Valentine’s Day, too.

An EIPC Conference is more RADA than Prada, and so the cast may seem familiar, with the appearance of some of beloved father-figures such as Walt Custer and Alun Morgan, other lead roles being taken by luminaries such as Uwe Altmann, Don Monn, Hermann Reischer, with the glamour element from Emma Hudson and Tarja Rapala-Virtanen. The supporting cast of extras is drawn from the world stage, and to provide a welcome interval, the entire ensemble will be departing to the Old Vic of dry film, Elga-Europe, for a tour of their set to see how it’s done. This will be followed by a grand dinner to celebrate the Opening Night, and grand dinners in Milan are gastronomically legendary.

You do not have to have an Equity card to take part, just a telephone or a computer-thingy, and then you can contact Kirsten at the EIPC office now and make sure that you get a Stalls seat, as the Upper Circle can often have an obstructed view.  

The programme is attached, and whilst the synopsis may be missing, the individual acts will contain outstanding performances. This is not to be missed.

See you in Milan!