EIPC Technical Snapshot Webinars

During the Autumn of this year, EIPC will be organising three webinars which will be of particular interest to those involved with automotive, telecom and high-speed technology. We will have three well-known PCB industry speakers, each of whom has their own view on the technology challenges facing this industry.
These webinars will be held on Wednesday October 14th, Wednesday November 18th and Wednesday December 16th.
They will last for some 45 minutes with each speaker taking 15 minutes for their presentations and then the webinar will be open for questions and comments from the participants. These webinars will be free to EIPC members and € 50 for non-members
This first session will focus on automotive technology and some of the key factors driving the global Automotive Printed Circuit Board industry. They will look at how the whole supply chain of PCB manufacturing can be ready for that change which will need input on materials, processes, measurement systems, reliability, and environmental impact and are there some new technologies for PCB manufacturing which will support these new demands.
The webinar on 14th of October will start at 15.00 hrs.
The presenters this day will be:
Lenora Clark from ESI Automotive
Her presentation topic: An exploration of advanced semiconductor packaging’s effect on automotive electronic hardware design and assembly
• In the presentation there will be discussion and review on all aspects of the electronic build, starting with how increased performance influences the semiconductor packages, how that then affects design for PCB fabrication, and finally it considers the influence on materials for perfect assembly.
Alun Morgan from Ventec
His presentation topic: “Reliability needs to be designed-in from the lowest level”
• In the presentation you will hear about cutting-edge technology demands more care to ensure reliability and resilience.
Paul Waldner from Multiline
His presentation topic: “Multilayer Printed Circuit Requirements for the Automobile Industry in the Age of High Speed”
• In the presentation you will hear some new ideas on multilayer pressing technology and how the registration can be improved to fulfil the demand for tighter tolerances
Registeration is free of charge to EIPC Members. The Non Member fee is € 50.-
To register for October 14th please fill in the online registration on www.eipc.org or send an email to kwestenberg@eipc.org