EIPC 50th Anniversary Conference Program Announced

The Past, the Present and the Future
These are the three elements of the EIPC 50th Anniversary Conference being held in Dusseldorf in June this year.  Half a century has passed since EIPC was founded in the days when the PCB was more than just a commodity, they were technological works of art, and fellow artists came together to compare notes and to see which galleries were having good exhibitions and commissions.

There will be a first-class show on 21st & 22nd June, when the Conference on Day 1 culminates with a visit to Unimicron’s new multilayer factory in Geldern, the Tate Modern of the European PCB industry. This will be followed by a Celebration Dinner at the 14thCentury listed and moated Walbeck Castle, an excellent hotel since 2014. More V&A than B&Q.

Day 1 will be the occasion in which Paul Waldner looks back over 50 years in the industry whilst Hans Friedrichkreit unveils his metric crystal ball to compete with the imperial one that Walt Custer usually produces. From then on there will be a wealth of technological diatribes on trendy topics such as traceability, tackling PCB 4.0, and trending with halogen-free laminates.

Day 2 is dedicated to the titles of flex for 5G, curved and stretchable PCBs, Open Source Language, Organic Surface Preservatives, and Lab-on-PCB technology as well as the traditional glimpses into developments in applications, chemistries and supply chain management.

The Past and The Future will have been given due reverence during the conference, but for The Present to have any real weight, your presence is required.  Make sure that you join in this unique event completing the registration form or by contacting Kirsten Smit-Westenberg, who will be found on kwestenberg@eipc.org
We look forward to seeing you in June!
The EIPC Team

The Bonus programme will include a tour at the New Multilayer Factory Unimicron and a Celebration and Network dinner at Schloss Walbeck.
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