Economic Times/British Council Host Interactive Session on Studying and Living in the U.K.

Four Reasons that make UK graduates the most employable talent in the world

1) Internationally recognized academic excellence and quality of teaching
UK is home to two of the world’s top three universities, with 26 other universities in top 200 best institutions worldwide for learning

2) Promising employability and career opportunities
Three UK universities rank in the top 20 for employability, and 14 ranked in the top 100 as per QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2022

3) Become the best possible you, made possible in the UK
Over 69% UK graduates have said that their degree gave them a significant competitive edge over peers graduated from other countries – provided them the opportunity to progress, and being promoted quicker

4) Enjoy geographical mobility and stay in the UK after graduation
International students who have successfully completed an undergraduate or master’s degree have the option to apply to stay in the UK for up to two years. Ph.D. graduates can apply to stay for up to three years.

Join us for an interactive session on studying and living in the UK with the most sought-after speakers from British Council, UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), and British Universities International Liaison Association (BUILA)

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