ECIA’s Dale Ford to Appear on the Eric Miscoll Show

Atlanta – ECIA’s Chief Analyst Dale Ford has been invited to appear on EMSNOW’s Eric Miscoll Show on November 4th at 2 pm PT. Dale will be joined by Don Akery, TTI’s President of the Americas and journalist Philip Stoten for a discussion about the Materials Supply Chain.

Ford will share insights from ECIA’s surveys and his other research activities on behalf of ECIA members and the industry. The EMSNOW audience comprises executives, managers, suppliers and OEM customers of the electronics manufacturing services (EMS) industry. The conversation will include topics such as component supply chain disruptions due to COVID and other recent events, consolidation in the component supply chain, recent discussions about reshoring, and much more.

“EMS companies are important customers for the component industry. I look forward to this discussion with Eric and Phil about the component supply chain and economic risk factors as we head into 2021,” Ford commented. “Don Akery from TTI has a clear window into what’s happening in the global supply chain and will bring important insights about how the industry is responding to these trends.”

“EMS supply chain managers have been struggling with shortages and long lead times for their component bill of materials (BOM) since before the crisis,” noted Eric Miscoll, Publisher of EMSNOW. “We have seen an acceleration in the digital transformation of business processes in the electronics manufacturing industry to enable more resilience and flexibility. I’m looking forward to hearing about how the component supply chain is responding to these trends.”

Register for the Eric Miscoll show here.

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