ECIA Webinar Series with The Trust Bridge Continues with Presentation on Intellectual Property

Atlanta — With near daily reports of serious data breaches occurring across multiple businesses, legislatures across the globe are enacting laws to protect their citizens’ right to privacy and security of their personal information. These laws do not only apply to Google and Facebook, but to all companies that collect customer information, even in the B2B context.

ECIA, through a partnership with The Trust Bridge, a UK consultancy focused on helping companies become compliant to a wide range of new e-privacy laws, is offering a series of webinars on Data Security topics of vital interest to members. Bottom line, these laws have created a ticking time bomb of unrecognized risk, with expensive consequences if not mitigated through proper planning and preparation.

“It’s not just about one piece of legislation; it’s understanding the whole landscape of current and coming legislation to get ahead of it. If a company can demonstrate they have done the training, done the preparation, then if a breach does occur, you can substantially minimize risk and avoid financial penalties,” explained Trust Bridge expert Dr. Graham Dodgson. “Awareness, training and education, are the most important risk mitigation strategies that will satisfy the authorities.”

The September 5th presentation explores the development, management and valuation of IP as an important factor in successful partnering. Most companies do not have an Intellectual Property Strategy optimally aligned with their Commercial Goals. Learn the basics of how to assess and value your technology and IP from Dr. Graham Dodgson, an international expert who has worked with high-tech companies on structuring and negotiating technology and manufacturing license deals.

Registration is open, sign up today for the Intellectual Property Strategy webinar Thursday, September 5th at 11:00 AM ET.  All webinars are recorded and available on the site. 

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