ECIA Releases Industry Sentiment Update

Atlanta  – The latest results from ECIA’s Electronic Component Sales Trend (ECST) surveys for August and Q3 2021 show a continuing but moderating cooling of sales expectations in September and through the end of 2021. Following the peak in the index for overall component average sentiment of 157.7 in March 2021, the index began a decline that saw a significant drop in June. However, the overall component index for July, August and the September forecast has seen a moderating decline of month-to-month sales growth momentum. The average decline in the index in these months was only -2.2 points compared to a drop of -19.2 points in June.

“Concerns and uncertainty related to the economy, emergence of inflationary pressure, and resurgence of COVID-19 with potential shutdowns could account for the continuing shift of sentiment in the index,” explained ECIA Chief Analyst Dale Ford. “In addition, supply chain challenges likely add to the concerns as supply constraints in one category have a ripple effect on demand in other areas. However, there is certainly cause for optimism looking forward as the continued introduction and market adoption of exciting new technologies should motivate both corporate and consumer demand for next-generation products over a growth cycle that appears to have legs to go an extended distance.”


To access the complete Industry Sentiment Update, go to Industry Sentiment August and Q3 2021 Outlook Article.pdf (


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