ECIA Releases GIPC Quarterly Webinar Recording

Atlanta – ECIA has posted the recording and presentation deck of the GIPC Quarterly webinar held this week. The information-packed session conducted by Don Elario, ECIA Vice President of Industry Practices, included status reports on GIPC initiatives including the design registration study which is well into Phase 2; the appointments of Dan Carey (Farnell) and Carol Parnell (Littelfuse) as environmental advisors to help members navigate compliance with regulations like PIP 3.1, CA Prop 65 and the SCIP database; work being done to research technology advancements with the PCN process and much more.

Dale Ford, ECIA Chief Analyst, gave listeners an update on ECIA research, including the new DTAM study. His valuable work taking the pulse of the industry is particularly essential to members during times of supply disruption, like we are experiencing this year.

ECIA CEO and President David Loftus updated members on recent Board of Directors and Council meetings; EDS – which will be held in person in Las Vegas in August; and the annual Executive Conference, which will be held in person in October. He discussed two new ECIA programs: an e-learning initiative developed by the ECIA Foundation aimed at training new hires to the industry and an e-book about the history of distribution in honor of its 100th anniversary.

Russ Dzielak, Director of Channel & Key Accounts for Phoenix Contact, presented results of an update on the “Workplace – Post Pandemic” work group. Customer engagement protocols have been substantially disrupted by Covid during these past 15 months. The work group has been monitoring practices faithfully to determine what selling organizations need to know in order to maintain these critical relationships safely.

“The GIPC continues its work on important topics with the help of the nearly 100 subject matter experts and all the committee members,” noted Don Elario. “The electronic component supply channel is the circulatory system of the tech industry. If it isn’t healthy and working efficiently, the whole system is affected as we have seen recently. We are very happy with the progress we continue to make.”

To review the webinar presentation and recording, visit the ECIA webinar page.