ECIA Publishes New Document Tracking Impact of Pandemic on Employees

‘Workplace Disruption – The Impact on Company Culture’ focuses on long-term challenges


Atlanta – Since the beginning of 2020 the GIPC Workplace Disruption work group has met regularly to share insights on the impacts of the pandemic upon the Electronic Components industry. The work group has compiled a unique set of insights that are specific to the electronic components industry workforce. At the conclusion of each phase of study, the group has produced a document summarizing the findings. The construction of each document is intended to define the primary areas of impact and educate and raise awareness as it relates to certain universal challenges created for companies operating within this industry.

The most recent document is entitled ‘Workplace Disruption – The Impact on Company Culture’ and covers long term challenges and how managers should be addressing them. Included are suggestions for leadership on why it is important to become aware of what people are going through and how to balance the requirements of the business with the well-being of employees.

“The pandemic affected people in varying ways, and it’s important for the management team to understand how employees are recovering from these very challenging few years,” noted ECIA Vice President of Industry Practices Don Elario. “A lot has been said about the Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting, but not as much about what to do about it. This document has some powerful insights.”

‘Workplace Disruption – The Impact on Company Culture’ is available at this link. 

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