ECIA Posts PFAS Compliance Webinar Recording

Claigan Consulting’s Bruce Calder explains PFAS Data Reporting for Components Industry


Atlanta — ECIA has posted a must-see webinar recording that explains the background and implications of coming legislation regarding PFAS chemicals, which are found in many component industry products. Claigan Consulting conducts extensive laboratory testing of products and follows the flood of global legislation concerning these commonly used chemicals. This webinar outlines strategies companies can use to identify the PFAS in their products and develop a reporting process to comply with evolving legal frameworks.

“All across the globe, legislative bodies are passing laws to ban chemicals that pose a threat to human health. PFAS chemicals found in many electronic components have recently come under fire,” explained ECIA’s VP of Industry Practices, Don Elario. “Bruce Calder’s lively discussion of this complicated issue brings much-needed practical advice to the entire component industry sales channel, including customers, about their obligations under coming environmental compliance legislation. This webinar includes what legislative actions are coming and when; uses that are likely to be exempted; what the reporting requirements are likely to be, and how companies can implement strategies that are most effective.”

The webinar recording is available at Webinars ( The presentation slide deck is also available for download. This is available to both members and non-members. Claigan Consulting has other free webinars to get the word out about industry obligations under these laws.

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