The committee intends to assist members with information and resources

Atlanta — The Global Industry Practices Committee (GIPC) has launched an initiative to research and report on industry resources pertaining to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) programs. The GIPC will concentrate its efforts on the “E” in ESG where many of these new priorities are being worked on within the Environmental SME (Subject Matter Expert) work group. ECIA member companies are at various stages in the development of their ESG programs and this GIPC initiative will research options and work with members to share information and resources about this rapidly evolving arena.

Developing a robust and meaningful ESG program has become an executive mandate for companies for many reasons. The catalyst of a global pandemic and an increasing number of natural disasters related to climate change has put societal challenges on the list of C-suite priorities to satisfy the investment community and attract the next generation of employees and customers.

“The electronic component supply chain involves processes and materials with potential to impact sustainability, among other things,” explained ECIA VP of Industry Practices Don Elario. “Global regulations impacting the industry are multiplying exponentially. The GIPC is dedicated to providing leadership for our members on real solutions for what our industry can do for people and the planet.”

Two ECIA member companies are at the forefront of the ESG effort; the GIPC is fortunate to have as Subject Matter Experts RS Group’s Andrea Barrett, VP Social Responsibility and Sustainability and Avnet’s Stacy Mendez, Director ESG and Corporate Strategic Planning. These two SMEs will be working with the GIPC to develop the information and resources to help member companies accelerate their ESG programs.


  • RS has recently published an ESG guide for suppliers, which they agreed to share with members and the industry.
  • GIPC with the help of Dan Carey from Farnell/Avnet has created a TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act) template for suppliers to use in reporting product information to distributors and customers. The committee is currently conducting a pilot using the template with the Environmental SME group.
  • GIPC will investigate how manufacturers and distributors plan to address the recent trend of customers asking for a ‘carbon footprint’ at the component level.
  • GIPC is looking into an environmental ESG solutions tool from Compliance and Risks.

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