ECIA GIPC Design Registration Initiative Update

Atlanta – The ECIA’s Global Industry Practices Committee (GIPC) has reached a milestone in its Design Registration program initiative. Design Registration is a program to encourage, reward, and support engineering services in product design and demand creation activity from Authorized Distributors and guaranteeing revenue capture wherever the order is fulfilled. One critical objective of the initiative is to substantially improve the efficiency of the cross-enterprise design registration process by developing a ‘Smart’ version that can leverage AI and other digital solutions.

This planned initiative began in 2020 with a careful “Current State Assessment” of the design registration process within the electronic components authorized sales channel. Working together with the ERA and GEDA, an extensive and comprehensive two-part survey was conducted to determine the strengths and weaknesses of current processes used in the industry.

In Q1 of 2021, Phase 2 began with a newly formed work group of SMEs (Subject Matter Experts). Attributes of a desired-future state registration process were delineated based on the 2020 research, and by building consensus among the key stakeholders, as represented by the GIPC work group. This consensus document was recently completed and accepted. The work group will now separate into 3 Sub-Groups and begin the process of evaluating trending technology companies for compatibility to the Desired-Future State model.

“The electronic component authorized channel needs a more efficient, smart process that improves the accuracy and speed of information,” explained Don Elario, ECIA Vice President of Industry Practices. “It is also critical that we find ways to modernize and normalize the design registration process through the utilization of trending technologies.”

For more information about the Design Registration initiative see Issues & Practices ( To learn more about how to participate in this important work, contact Don Elario,

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