ECIA Chief Analyst Dale Ford Releases Executive Analysis for August: 5G – The Next Big Thing

Atlanta — As technological advances continue to accelerate, one of the most common questions presented is, “What is the next big thing?” Every cycle in the electronics industry has been driven by a major technology, market or economic force ranging from consumer electronics, various generations of personal computers, and wireless/mobile communications to global economic booms and busts. Excitement is building in anticipation of the “next big thing.”  What will it be? The answer is that the next major industry cycle will be driven by a triad of technologies that will form a “Technology Triumvirate” that will impact nearly every aspect of our life including globalization, economic growth, connectivity and sustainability.

The three technological forces that will shape the future could be compared to key strengths of a world-class athlete:

  • The Cloud:  The brain fueled by collective, global intelligence
  • Internet of Things (IoT):  The senses magnified by multi-dimensional, comprehensive measurements and muscles acting with athletic precision and coordination
  • 5G Wireless Communications: The nervous system powered by an efficient, reliable network of systems that radiate across personal, local, wide-area and global environments

Dale Ford, ECIA Chief Analyst, has compiled a detailed analysis for ECIA members that outlines the revolutionary changes that will sweep the world as a result of the rapidly advancing 5G wireless communications technology rolling out across multiple industries. This is the ‘next big thing’ poised to deliver resilient growth opportunities for prepared participants in the electronics value chain.

The full ECIA Executive Analysis provides figures and tables analyzing the projected growth of 5G and the expected impact on electronics component demand and the supply chain. In addition to presenting the developments related to 5G in smartphones, a brief description of new opportunities enabled by 5G is presented for: Markets, Participants, Technologies, and Components.  Following the analysis of 5G technology, recommendations are presented to provide guidance to participants in the electronics components supply chain as they prepare for the thrilling opportunities that will be driven by 5G.

To see the full ECIA Executive Analysis members should visit, click the Member Login button, log in and visit the Stats & Insight page.

Dale Ford will present at the 2019 ECIA Executive Conference to be held in Rosemont, Illinois on October 20-22. Registration is now open.

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