ECIA Announces New Environmental Compliance Advisor Roles 

Atlanta – In light of the continued acceleration of global legislation to protect the environment, ECIA’s Global Industry Practices Committee has established advisory positions to enable ECIA members to gain better awareness about regulations that substantially affect the electronic components industry.

Don Elario, ECIA’s Vice President of Industry Practices explains the need for these new advisors. “The recent PIP (3.1) legislation banning certain chemicals that are found in various products caught the whole industry by surprise,” he remarked. “The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) was able to achieve a temporary reprieve on PIP 3.1 and we are now working on providing comments during the 180-day No Action Assurance Period. Going through that fire drill emphasized the importance of staying on top of these issues well before the laws go into effect.”

There will be two GIPC Environmental Compliance Advisors – one representing the component manufacturers and one for distributors. These individuals will be people on the front lines within their organizations who are already working on compliance issues.  “The three of us (two advisors and myself) will meet every other month or as needed to stay current on global compliance and regulation news,” Elario continued. “We will also continue our work with NAM and ECIA Service Partner (ESP) Compliance & Risks to broaden that relationship with a deeper understanding of the electronic component supply chain and changes that will affect it.”

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