EBook Download: How Aerospace OEMs are Reducing Program Risk and Meeting Compliance

Download this ebook to learn how Aerospace OEMs are reducing program risk and meeting compliance.
Developing aerospace electrical platforms has become a monumental challenge due to increased complexity. To achieve program profitability while satisfying demands for more mission capabilities, aerospace companies must modernize their development and manufacturing processes.

In this ebook you will learn:

  • How to deal with complexity and at the same time minimize program risk in modern aerospace electrical platforms
  • How to manage risk key milestones, such as Production Readiness Review (PRR), Type Certification (TC) and Entry into Service (EIS)
  • Details on the Siemens Capital E/E Systems development environment and how it is benefiting many Aerospace companies.

Also contained within the eBook are numerous links to videos, white papers, webinars and other useful information!

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