Dieter Weiss and Eric Miscoll Discuss Events and Inventory on EMS@C-Level with Philip Stoten

Following their third tour, Philip Stoten talked to EMSNOW’s Eric Miscoll and in4ma’s Dieter Weiss about their findings. Due to the length of the conversation, this recording has been split into three parts.

In this second part, Eric and Dieter talk about the the EMS Forum, held in Munich, and some of the key topics discussed including the massive inventory overhang. Dieter shares some numbers on stock levels, which are close to double the pre-pandemic norm for the industry.

Meanwhile Eric explores the need for the three parties in the supply chain, OEM, EMS and distributor, to work together in a more positive manner, suggesting some group therapy might be a solution.

Like every episode of EMS@C-Level, this one was sponsored by global inspection leader Koh Young ( and Manufacturing Autonomy Specialist CloudNC (

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