Customer satisfaction is already a culture: Heriberto with Koh Young

SOURCE: Hecho en Mexico

Customer satisfaction in their processes is often quite complex to achieve and despite the increasing demands of OEMs towards EMS companies, there are some that achieve a satisfactory process.

The case with Koh Young, which strategically places leaders at the head of its operations clearly yields a positive effect.

In this session with Heriberto Cuevas, being a sales leader, we had to share more about the winning recipe, which we explored in detail this 2024 with USI, who are achieving growth that, although complex, has made it clear that it can be achieved.

Methodology and attention to detail are key. Working with production floor leaders to evaluate each of the product processes and requirements allows Koh Young to place precise equipment at each step.

This is another episode of our conversations at SMTA Querétaro 2024, with Heriberto Cuevas, Joseph Arévalo and the Koh Young team, don’t miss it:

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