Critical Manufacturing Announces MESI 4.0 Summit: Connect for a Smarter Future

PORTO, Portugal – The MES & Industry 4.0 International Summit, to be held on September 7 – 8, 2023 at Alfândega Congress Centre in Porto, aims to help manufacturers ‘Connect for a Smarter Future’. The international event, being organized by Critical Manufacturing, has a comprehensive program of conferences, round table discussions, demonstrations, workshops, and case studies designed to help industry professionals navigate their way to Industry 4.0 and the multitude of benefits manufacturing software can deliver.

Francisco Almada Lobo, CEO at Critical Manufacturing, says, “Manufacturers of sophisticated products are under more and more pressure to deliver higher quality, greater manufacturing agility and efficiency, and quicker times to market in highly competitive and fast-moving marketplaces. Smart manufacturing is the way to achieve these goals and, by harnessing the latest technologies, ensure businesses remain competitive and resilient into the future.”

The MESI 4.0 event, set to run over a period of two days, will bring together top Industry 4.0 leaders, smart manufacturing professionals, and experts in MES implementation to help visitors move forward with their digital transformation vision and gain market power. With limited capacity, this exclusive event will welcome experts based on a first-come, first-serve basis.

“Software offers tremendous value to the factories of the future and modern MES solutions provide a pathway to and backbone for Industry 4.0,” continues Almada Lobo. “This event will present an exciting opportunity for both customers and partners to convene, share experiences, gain insights, and witness some of the latest technology in action.”

The MESI 4.0 Summit will have ‘Expert Lab’ areas, housing the latest factory automation solutions, and a virtual reality experience where visitors can walk through a factory of the future. The agenda covers manufacturing sectors such as Medical Devices, Semiconductors, Electronics, and Industrial Equipment and incorporates discussion topics such as the path to an autonomous factory; the role of data platforms and IIoT in building a resilient, data-driven enterprise, and achieving multisite operational excellence. Furthermore, there will be an enlightening workshop on Industry 4.0 vision vs reality/maturity assessment. This workshop will enable participants to assess their organization’s Industry 4.0 readiness and provide insights into bridging the gap between their current status and their vision.

“For anyone involved in digitalization, MESI 4.0 offers a valuable opportunity to network with peers, industry experts, and top global partners and build a roadmap for digitalization success,” concludes Almada Lobo. For more information about MESI 4.0 or to pre-register for the event, please visit

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