Creative Electron Introduces X-ray Parts Counter with AI

Introducing TruView™ PC2: The new X-ray parts counter with the power of artificial intelligence

San Marcos, CA: Creative Electron is proud to introduce TruView™ PC2, an exciting new X-ray parts counter powered by our proven artificial intelligence (AI) engine.  TruView™ PC2 is the fastest and most accurate, industry 4.0 ready X-ray parts counter available, and offers EMS providers and other manufacturers a versatile tool for validating and managing inventory quickly and accurately.

The TruView™ PC2 has enhanced ergonomics and improved tube and tray counting capabilities while retaining key features our customers love from its predecessor, the TruView™ Parts Counter AI.  It is also still the only battery powered X-ray parts counter available making it easily deployed to anywhere it is needed in your facility, TruView™ PC2 provides unrivaled flexibility for counting parts. The drawer can accommodate reels up to 16”, as many as four 7” reels, and PCBs as large as 16”x16”.  Its artificial intelligence engine is capable of finding missing and mis-labelled components, identifying counterfeits, and even exclude radiation sensitive components.

“TruView™ PC2 is an exciting addition to our line of high quality, low cost X-ray inspection solutions, and I can assure you that its AI, while truly powerful, will in no way induce the robot apocalypse,” says Dr Bill Cardoso, founder and CEO of Creative Electron.  “We are very proud to be able to offer such a potent yet affordable tool.”

TruView™ PC2 offers:

  • Speed: Results in as little as 8 seconds
  • Accuracy: exceeding 99%
  • Flexibility: Battery powered, small footprint, mobile
  • QC PCBs with optional TruView™ Inspector software
  • Industry 4.0 ready and optional ERP integration

TruView™ PC2 is available now. For more information on TruView™ PC2 visit