Creative Electron Awarded Patent for Autonomous X-ray Inspection

San Marcos, CA: At Creative Electron, the future of X-ray inspection is now. The company has been awarded patent US 10,823,685 “Method and system to automatically inspect parts using x-rays” for AI powered programing of X-ray inspection systems.

“This patent is a reflection of our commitment to push the envelope when it comes to fulfilling our customers’ needs,” said Dr. Bill Cardoso, Creative Electron’s founder and CEO. “The protection of our IP is critical to allow us to continue investing in R&D to deliver fully autonomous X-ray inspection systems.”

This patent reflects technology Creative Electron has been developing that allows a sample to be inspected without the need for an operator to program the machine. Utilizing AI engines and sophisticated machine learning algorithms, programing for both navigator level and planner level is fully automated, saving valuable time and reducing errors. Highly trained and skilled operators can be redirected to more productive tasks, while errors associated with human inspection are reduced via autonomous decision making. Once programed, the system is enabled to navigate to all required inspection points, capture and analyze images, assess quality based on established test criteria, and finally report results for each sample. All without human intervention.


About Creative Electron: Founded in 2008, Creative Electron offers first in class X-ray inspection solutions designed and manufactured in the USA.  Our worldwide customer base includes business in all stages of development, from garage startups to the Fortune 50.  We manufacture high performance, off the shelf and custom X-ray inspection systems used for quality assurance, material conformity, and counterfeit detection in a wide range of applications in different industries like electronic manufacturing, sporting goods, fashion, aerospace, military, and others.

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