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Connecting Automotive and Semiconductor Supply Chains to Drive Functional Safety Excellence

By Bettina Weiss,

Originally posted on SEMI Blog

Electronic devices now serve as the backbone of modern vehicles and have become the focus of quality standards that ensure automotive functional safety. As automakers transform their organizations to adapt and become experts in manufacturing digital machines, current gaps in how the automotive and semiconductor supply chains interact have emerged.

In 2018, SEMI created a collaboration platform to facilitate discussions, exchange information, and partner to collectively help the semiconductor and automotive industries evolve with the next generation of automated transportation. The Global Automotive Advisory Council (GAAC) is driven through the SEMI Smart Mobility initiative and brings together more than 80 companies along the value chain.
Smart Mobility
In a recent panel discussion, CARIAD SE, a Volkswagen Group company, Entegris, and SEMI shared their perspectives on how the automaker and other members of the automotive electronics ecosystem can collaborate to address new challenges facing the automotive industry.

Watch a preview of the panel discussion by clicking on the image below.
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View the full panel discussion.

Bettina Weiss is chief of staff and the Smart Mobility initiative lead at SEMI.

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