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Color Sensing Made Easy with Vishay from TTI

Fort Worth, Texas  – TTI, Inc., a leading specialty distributor of electronic components, is now offering the VEML3328 family of color sensors from Vishay. With excellent sensitivity and small form factor packages, these products are targeted for specialty sensing in medical, test and measurement and battery-operated equipment applications.

Vishay’s VEML3328 Color Sensor senses red, green, blue, infrared and white light and incorporates photodiodes, amplifiers and analog/digital circuits into a single CMOS chip. This digital RGB-IR-C information can be used in feedback control systems, among other things, to monitor and actively control a light source. For instance, with the color sensor applied, the brightness and color temperature of a backlight can be adjusted, based on the ambient light conditions, in order to make the panel look more comfortable to the user’s eyes. The VEML3328’s adoption of the Filtron™ technology achieves an accurate response to the mid of each requested band for the red, green and blue channel. It also provides excellent temperature compensation, keeping the output stable under changing temperatures.

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