Cogiscan’s Mitch DeCaire and iTAC’s Martin Strempel On Location with EMSNOW and SCOOP

Cogiscan’s Mitch DeCaire and iTAC’s Martin Strempel discuss the implications of AI for the electronics manufacturing industry. AI is on everyone’s mind, and EMSNOW Publisher Eric Miscoll is asking questions to cut through the hype and get to the meat of the issue for our industry. This thoughtful discussion between two industry experts helps clear up some of the confusion, and is well worth a listen. The discussion ranges from the libraries of algorithms now available, providing a new set of tools for those with deep domain knowledge about the factory floor, the benefits of the Cogiscan-iTAC alliance, and much more.

EMSNOW & SCOOP at APEX 2023 was sponsored by Koh Young America (, Aegis Software (, Panasonic Connect ( and Cogiscan (

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