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Cirexx Obtains MIL-PRF-31032 Certification Upgrade

Santa Clara, CA – Cirexx International announced today that they have recently completed an upgrade to their MIL-PRF-31032 certifications.  The company now can certify more complex constructions to this specification.  The additional features include overall board thickness, minimum hole size and aspect ratio, minimum line width and space, conductive finish and panel size.

The appropriate test specimens were prepared by Cirexx and submitted for evaluation to DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) in Columbus, OH.  All items were found to be conforming on the first pass and with the accompanying certification letters Cirexx is able to validate their products at the highest levels of defense/aerospace applications.

Philipp Menges, President and CEO of Cirexx said, “We needed to expand our 31032 certification because we are seeing it required more often by our customers, and for different characteristics than we originally certified to.”  Menges added, “This upgrade keeps us current and at the forefront of defense contracting.”

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