Chinese EMS Ryder Industries Models Sustainability on Earth Day 2018

Ryder Industries is an Electronic Manufacturing Service provider (EMS) headquartered in Hong Kong, with two manufacturing facilities in Southern China, Shenzhen and Xin Feng.

The company has had a presence in China since 1979, and since its conception, they have expanded their capacity to reach over 1,000,000 sq. ft of operational floor space, invested in nine state-of-the-art SMT lines, and have become an employer of choice by recruiting over 2,500 skilled industry experts.

A contributing factor to the company’s successful expansion has been the ability to not only work in harmony with the Chinese Government but to become a company that this influential body looks towards as a role model due to their pioneering green initiatives.  Ryder Industries sustainability methods have been held up as best practice examples for other multinational organisations looking to develop on the surrounding land in Xin Feng, something that the management team within Ryder Industries are incredibly proud of.

Mr. Tong, General Manager of Ryder Industries, Xin Feng, commented; “I have been with Ryder Industries for over ten years.  We commenced operations in Xin Feng with only ten people, and during this time, we’ve grown to over 1,000 team members.  The company has had fast and steady growth, and we are all incredibly proud to have been part of this amazing transformational journey.   It was mandatory for us to be accredited to ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management, and we have been certified in this area since 2004.

Sustainability is embedded in our business strategy, and as we sat around the drawing board sketching out plans for our facility in Xin Feng, the management made a commitment to the people of Ryder Industries, to the Chinese Government and to the local people of Xin Feng. If we built a facility, it would need to be green, efficient and sustainable, and I am delighted to say that it meets our goals on all counts.  For example, we installed ground source heating to harvest the rainwater, which we recycle, we have photovoltaic solar panels on our roofs and we have solar energy heating systems.

Ryder Industries was the first company in Xin Feng County to build such an extensive environmental protection system and energy conservation process.  The aim of the system is to protect and set an exemplary example within this geography, to develop the area in an energy efficient manner and to protect the health and well-being of our land and the people within. Our green initiatives are highly appreciated, not only by our Ryder team members but by the Chinese Government.  They rank us as the best, and we are held up as an example for others to aspire to.”

As a reminder, International Mother Earth Day  is a day to remind us all that the Earth and its ecosystem provide us with life and substance.  These are not simply words for Ryder Industries but are at the core of how the company operates.  Some of Ryder Industries green initiatives are highlighted below:

  •  Underground reservoirs were developed across the entire Xin Feng campus as part of the initial facility build.  Rainwater is harvested and collected within these reservoirs which feeds into a recycling plant, allowing the water to be reused for toilet flushing
  • The company operates a ground source climate control system
  • Energy is also recovered from pneumatic compressors and a solar thermal hot water system is run from this source

Considering that some of this infrastructure was designed and built as the Xin Feng facility was conceived in 2012, the innovation, determination and pioneering spirit demonstrated by Ryder Industries should be recognised and rewarded.  It’s no wonder that the Chinese Government supports the company’s business objectives for expansion and holds them up as a shining example for other manufacturing companies to follow.

To conclude Mr. Tong stated; “We believe our business principles and values to be true differentiators for Ryder Industries within this location.  Our new team members tell us that they selected Ryder Industries as an employer of choice due to our Corporate Social and Environmental policies, plus our strong reputation within the community in which we reside.  Pride in your workplace is a strong cultural influencer in this part of the world.  Our team members need to feel proud of their employer, but their family members also play a major role in employment decisions.  We have instilled a company culture for respect, responsibility, and reliability, that has organically formed by being the people and company that we naturally are.  We have no concerns that we will be able to sustain our own future, or growth plans, as we are confident that we have created an esteemed brand to work with.”

Many neighbouring manufacturers, and the Chinese authorities arrange visits to our facility for educational purposes.  They come to Ryder Industries to learn how to develop a facility with an eye to a green and self-sufficient future for our children, and our children’s children.”

Watch our one-minute video where Mr. Tong discusses the facility’s green initiatives.

However, you celebrate International Mother Earth Day, it’s worth remembering that we do only borrow this land for generations to come.  Wise words from Ryder Industries indeed.


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