Challenges and Opportunities at CMS Electronics Amidst Industry Disruption with CEO Michael Velmeden

The complicated web of issues challenging the European EMS industry is the topic for discussion as we sit down with Michael Velmeden, CEO of CMS Electronics. We tackle everything from the COVID-19 disruption, the component crisis, to the bullwhip effect from inventory buildup. It’s not all gloom and doom as we also explore the escalating demand for electronics across diverse industries.

We uncover how CMS Electronics is fortifying its operations, ensuring robustness and security amidst these disruptions. We also discuss the digital transformation sweeping supply chain management. With Michael, we mull over the crucial role of trust and respect in a successful supply chain and how digitalization can be an effective tool in achieving this. We delve into how Artificial Intelligence can reshape supply chain management for the better. We underscore the significance of open collaboration and understanding in leveraging digitalization for formidable supply chain benefits.

Like every episode of EMS@C-Level, this one was sponsored by global inspection leader Koh Young ( and Adaptable Automation Specialist (

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