CFX Implementation and Getting the Most Out of CFX Data

Is your company planning to implement CFX? Are you an equipment supplier that wants to ensure your equipment is correctly sending and receiving CFX messages? As an EMS/ODM company do you want to make sure your equipment suppliers are providing the correct CFX messaging?
Register today for IPC CFX LIVE, a free webinar to be held:
Tuesday, November 10, 15:00-16:00 CET / 9:00-10:00 EDT
In conjunction with Electronica 2021
IPC CFX LIVE! will cover the following topics, in addition to an update on IPC’s Factory of the Future Initiative.
CFX Implementation Using Legacy Equipment Naim Kapadia, Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC)
Mr. Kapadia will discuss MTC’s journey behind smart factory for electronics using legacy equipment using IPC CFX. He will also share why MTC chose this path and what they see as the future for IPC CFX as part of their goals and vision for their smart factory initiatives.
Getting the Most Out of CFX Data Dr. Tim Burke, Arch Systems
The rich, standardized machine data reported directly from each CFX machine enables you to quickly understand and solve factory problems that otherwise require stitching together multiple factory systems before you can gain enough context to understand what is happening. Dr. Burke will talk about the types of the insights you can gain from CFX data and easy ways to start collecting and utilizing it.
Equipment Validation and Certification
To ensure best implementation of CFX in a shop floor line, it is important to ensure equipment is properly sending and consuming CFX messages. IPC will demonstrate a new CFX Self Validation System for equipment manufacturers to use as an on-demand test bed for their equipment. This demonstration will also showcase the new IPC CFX Equipment Certification System, where EMS companies will be able to view equipment that has been third-party certified for their CFX messaging compliance.
Questions about this event or CFX? E-mail Chris Jorgensen, IPC’s director of technology transfer.
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