Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Comment on U.S. Steel and Aluminum Tariffs

TORONTO – Mark Nantais, President of the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association issued the following statement on the punitive nature of the imposition of steel and aluminum tariffs on the CanadaMexico and the EU by President Trump:

“Considering the high integration of the auto industry across CanadaMexico and the United States, the imposition of these tariffs will undermine our global competitiveness and have disruptive consequences for the thousands of jobs the supply chain supports in all three countries.

It is disappointing to see close allies and partners imposing tariffs on each other as that can only increase prices within our highly integrated economies. It is our hope that the North American governments will quickly find a positive trade resolution that does not penalize our shared customers.”

About the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association (CVMA)

The Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association is the industry association that has represented Canada’s leading manufacturers of light and heavy duty motor vehicles for more than 90 years. Its membership includes FCA Canada Inc., Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited and General Motors of Canada Company. Collectively its members account for approximately 60% of vehicles produced in Canada, operate 5 vehicle assembly plants as well as engine and components plants, and have over 1,300 dealerships. 130,000 jobs are directly tied to vehicle assembly in Canada. Direct and indirect jobs associated with vehicle manufacturing are estimated at over 500,000
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