BSU Inc. Updates High-Performance X-ray Inspection Capability

Austin, Texas, USA –  BSU Inc., a growing EMS company, has updated its high-performance X-ray inspection capability with the installation of a Nikon XT V Series world-class X-ray and CT inspection system. In addition to inspecting many areas of SMT/PCB assemblies that are generally inaccessible to visual inspection, the new X-ray system will be used to inspect Ball Grid Array (BGA), leadless, and connector components to identify problems such as solder joint defects, shorts, opens, etc.

In making the announcement, Dennis Leahy, VP of Sales and Customer Success, said, “We will continue to incorporate X-ray technology as a standard offering in our build process here at BSU.  Our XT V 160 provides high-resolution to ensure compliance with our stringent quality standards. Each board is examined at varying levels/angles, and the images are saved to become part of the manufacturing records for our customers. This provides the opportunity for us to recommend design and build efficiencies.”

He added, “This advanced X-ray system features a 5-axis part manipulation capability, which allows us to look at a component or solder connection from several different angles, and to view internal connections of molded devices or modules, for example, so that no defect will escape detection. Our quality personnel are trained and certified to operate our state of the art X-ray system and get the best possible results from our equipment.”

The Nikon XT V Series provides world-class X-ray and CT inspection systems for electronics (PCB, BGA, chip design) and component inspection for a wide range of industries, meeting today’s need for high performance inspection of increasingly complex components with ever tighter tolerances. The systems are intuitive to use and harness industry-leading software to maximize productivity for all operators, with minimal need for training. Automated inspection modes allow inspection of samples at high throughput rates, with intuitive pass / fail reporting.

BSU Inc’s services include Prototyping, PCB Assembly, Engineering Design Services (EE, ME), High Mix Low to Medium Volume production, Mechanical, Electrical, Cabling and SW/FW programming, Board and Functional Testing, and Global supply chain services, to name a few. In addition to PCBA assembly, BSU also offers box build services, wiring harness assembly, complex and simple cables, and mechanical components assembly. BSU Inc’s customers span multiple industries including industrial, IoT, military and high reliability, entertainment, healthcare, education, energy, and communications, to name a few. For more information, visit

About BSU, Inc.

BSU Inc. was established in 1989 and is a certified Women and Minority-Owned Business, ISO 2001:2015 Certified, and ITAR Registered with IPC certified employees. BSU’s reputation has been built not only on manufacturing capability with complex products, but to provide value-added engineering where customers often rely on us for efficiency of design and build advice.  For more information, visit, or contact the company at 1611 Headway Circle, Building 1, Suite 200, Austin, TX 78754; Tel. 512.284.7911.