Bright Machines Offers Incentives to COVID19 Device Manufacturers

By Amar Hanspal CEO, Bright Machines

As the world feels the full weight of the Covid-19 crisis, we should individually prioritize the safety of ourselves, our families, friends, neighbors and communities.  But in times like these, I believe companies also have a special responsibility to support their employees, communities and customers. Coronavirus poses a serious and immediate concern for companies around the world and directly affects the health and safety of tens of thousands of people.

Reports show it will take social distancing diligence and prompt responses from local and federal governments to flatten the curve of the spread of the disease. It will also take an immense increase in the kinds and quantities of medical devices to test and treat Covid-19.  For example, this week the UK government announced they will provide design blueprints for ventilators, but what about how these designs get manufactured?

As a leader of an organization that has employees in the US, Europe and Asia, many of whom were the first to get impacted by the disease and others who are now in mandatory shelter in place directives, I can’t help but to feel that where we  can, we must help be a part of the solution.

The most valuable and timely contribution Bright Machines can offer is removing barriers to quickly get these critical products into the hands of as many healthcare providers throughout the world as possible. And, as the part of the supply chain helping to manufacture products like these, it is our responsibility to help do so.

For our part this means we are doing what we can to help quickly scale the manufacturing needed to ward off the virus’s impact. Today we announced that Bright Machines will provide no-cost automation for up to 12 months for Bright Machines Select three-year agreements devoted to assembling a medical device solution to combat Covid-19. Eligible devices include respirators, ventilators and related devices required for our communities to effectively respond to Covid-19. Select, our manufacturing-as-a-service business model, is a service aimed at quickly scaling up production using modular automation which is less reliant on human operators than traditional assembly and inspection processes.

Today Bright Machines is helping companies around the world autonomously build products quickly and at scale. If you are a manufacturer contributing to the world’s stockpile of devices needed to respond to the novel coronavirus, please contact our team to discuss further.

We are here to help.