BISTel Unveils Intelligent Applications for Smart Manufacturing

New Dynamic Fault Detection (DFD) offers full trace analysis, overcomes limitations of legacy FDC systems to significantly improve engineering productivity and yield

SANTA CLARA, Calif.– BISTel, a provider of intelligent, real-time data management, advanced analytics and predictive solutions for smart manufacturing announced today its first adaptive A.I. based applications to enable the smart connected factory or industry 4.0 as some call it. Dynamic Fault Detection (DFD™), BISTel’s new fault detection solution offers customers full sensor trace data analysis to detect faults and significantly improve engineering productivity, tool productivity, and yield.

Today, customers rely on legacy FDC systems for fault detection. These systems offer only summary data analysis from sensors for fault detection. Consequently, small changes in sensor behavior go undetected, resulting in a negative impact on yield. BISTel’s new Dynamic Fault Detection (DFD) system overcomes these challenges by offering full trace analysis. DFD establishes trace references dynamically and does not rely on the traditional control limiting methods used by FDC. It eliminates manual modeling completely. DFD also uses smarter algorithms to better distinguish between real alarms and false alarms, resulting in 10 times fewer alarms than FDC systems.

“DFD is the first of several intelligent manufacturing applications with new machine learning that helps our customers to start to realize the full potential of A.I. for smart manufacturing,” commented W.K. Choi, Founder and CEO, BISTel. “DFD enables customers to quickly and accurately detect faults and helps our customers create early identification of yield related issues so that they can quickly execute the fastest possible response to solving these issues,” added Choi.

About Dynamic Fault Detection

Sensor trace data contains a wealth of information that helps manufacturers identify yield issues, including ramp rate changes, spikes, glitches, shift and drift. BISTel’s first of its kind, online DFD system lowers these risks by offering manufacturers real-time monitoring and detection of full sensor trace data. Customers can now quickly detect, and analyze yield impacting events and quickly resolving yield issues. DFD also integrates seamlessly to legacy FDC systems.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Real-time monitoring improves quality and yield.
  • Reduces risk by protecting against yield impacting events.
  • Real-time fault detection with dynamic references instead of static control limits.
  • DFD’s sensor behavior analysis enables best system drift detection.
  • Intelligent alarming reduces alarms by more than 10X

About BISTel

BISTel is a leading provider of manufacturing intelligence software solutions that enable the smart connected factory. For more information visit

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